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Respect’s National Conference on Public Alert, Warning and Mass Notification System in India 2011 offers - an excellent opportunity for you!

If you are considering expanding your business and you are either local or located outside India then you should consider the facts:
  • Indian Government (central Govt, states and UTs) is working hard for enhancing emergency management capabilities under a standardized EOC regime. Revival and re-enforcement of public alert, warning and mass messaging system is an integrated part of capacity enhancement mission making society more resilient to emergencies and disasters.

  • Almost all States (29) are planning implementation of network of state wide EOCs and managed alert and warning systems. Consultants and sellers of products and services in this area have a tremendous opportunity to gain new business.

  • Considering the massive, recent, industrial growth that has forced India's law makers to initiate and enforce a structured approach to industrial safety they will realize that investing in this area, is no longer optional for industries in India. It is now mandatory!

Whether local or international exhibiting you are poised to make sales. Contact

We will be inviting these organizations and many more:
  • National Institute of Disaster Management
  • National Disaster Management Authority
  • PSUs – safety and security managers
  • State Government Disaster Management Agencies / Authorities
  • State Institute of Disaster Management
  • Policy makers in industrial sector & emergency & disaster management
  • Emergency Service Functions Agencies –viz- Transport, Communication, Public Works, Firefighting, Information and Planning, Mass Care, Health and medical Services, Hazardous material, Food, Energy.
  • MT’s/Paramedics
  • Fire and Police Chiefs
  • Emergency Response Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Safety advisors/Managers
  • Medical Professionals
  • Safety Specialists
  • Quality Control Managers
  • Risk Safety Advisors
  • Loss Prevention Advisors
  • Corporate Security Managers
  • Utility Service providers (Water, electricity etc)
  • Telecom service providers
  • National Airport authorities
  • Port and Port trusts in India
  • Power generation and management
  • Oil and refinery sector
  • Hazmat industries
  • Manufacturers of Emergency Planning / mapping tools
  • Manufacturers of surveillance and Analytic Systems
  • OEM – networks and telecommunications
  • National and International Consulting agencies in emergency & disaster management

This is an excellent opportunity to understand status of public alert and warning system in India and reach the key decision makers such as State Government / PSUs ,emergency services coordinator and many others responsible for buying, specifying or recommending your product or service.

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